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  • Megan Lynch

The 59th Annual Klamath Salmon Festival: A Celebration of Healing and Community

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The Klamath River in Yurok Country.

There's something incredibly special about Yurok Country. It's not just the breathtaking beauty of the coastline or the rich heritage that extends up the Klamath River for over 40 miles. Yurok Country is a living testament to a community that has endured and thrived, celebrating its culture, its land, and its people.

This year, on Saturday, August 19th, Yurok Country invites you to the 59th Annual Klamath Salmon Festival. The theme? "Celebrating Dam Removal and the Healing of the Klamath River."

An Unprecedented Year

It is with respect and reverence for the environment that we announce a significant change in this year's festival; there will be no salmon served at the event.

This decision, though painful, is deeply rooted in our commitment to the Klamath River's fish stocks, as stated by the Chairman of the Yurok Tribe, Joseph L. James:

“This decision reflects our sacred responsibility to take care of the Klamath River’s fish stocks... I encourage everyone to come out to support local vendors and have a good time with family and friends.”

The reason for this change is the decline of Chinook salmon runs on the Klamath River, linked to dams, habitat loss, and various environmental factors. But there is hope on the horizon with dam removals and large-scale restoration projects aiming to bring the Klamath Basin back into balance.

A Festival of Culture and Community

Closeup of an elders hands holding up a traditional Yurok basket.

Though salmon won't grace our plates this year, the spirit of the Klamath Salmon Festival remains undiminished. We've planned an unforgettable day that honors our heritage and looks forward to a promising future.

  • Cultural and Basket-Weaving Demonstrations

  • Parade, Stick Game, and Softball Tournaments

  • Kids' Activities, Petting Zoo

  • Axe-Throwing Competition

  • Ney-puey 5k Run/Walk and Color Run/Fun Walk

  • Rez Chopped, Delicious Food, and Local Vendors

  • Live Music by Object Heavy

Join Us in Healing and Celebration

A closeup of someone wearing traditional Yurok necklaces.

Whether you're visiting Yurok Country for the first time or returning as a beloved friend, we invite you to be part of our community, partake in our traditions, and support the incredible efforts for environmental restoration.

Join us at the 59th Annual Klamath Salmon Festival in celebration of resilience, unity, and the unwavering commitment to the land and culture.

Let's make this festival a memorable one, embracing the spirit of Yurok Country. Even without the salmon, we promise a rich experience, filled with joy, learning, and a shared vision for a sustainable future.For detailed information about the event, visit the Yurok Tribe website.


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