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Someone squeezing fresh lime juice over a plate of fish tacos from the Abalone Bar and Grill at the Redwood Hotel and Casino in Klamath, California.



Welcome to Yurok Country, where the culinary delights are as diverse and unique as the landscape that surrounds you.


Nestled on the Pacific Coast of California, Yurok Country offers an experience that is sure to satisfy any appetite. Whether you're a seafood lover, burger enthusiast, or beer connoisseur, there is something for everyone to indulge in.

Abalone Bar & Grill

Abalone Bar & Grill in Klamath, CA offers a perfect spot to relax and enjoy a delicious meal in Yurok Country. Treat yourself to a glass of wine, cocktail, or beer from our Yurok-owned microbreweries, served in our full-service bar. Sit back and unwind while someone else does the cooking, and savor our mouth-watering plates that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Abalone Bar Grill Lunch
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