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  • Megan Lynch

5 Winter Day Trips: Yurok Country’s Scenic Byways

Ready for a road trip that offers more than just a destination? In Yurok Country, scenic byways are adventures in and of themselves. From the redwoods of Highway 101 to the meeting of the river and sea on Requa Road, these routes are not just about getting from point A to point B. They’re about the stories, landscapes, and cultural heartbeat of the Yurok people. 

A dog with sunglasses on the back of a motorcycle at Wilson Creek Beach in Klamath.
Photo by Laney Mayo Photography

So pack your bags, set your GPS, and prepare for an unforgettable journey through Yurok Country's 5 most scenic byways.

  1. Highway 101: Gateway to Ancient Forests and Rivers

The best way to familiarize yourself with Yurok Country is by traveling along Highway 101. It’s easy to imagine how the Yurok Tribe was able to live off the land surrounded by towering redwoods, beaches, and lagoons. This route also features the Klamath River, a vital role in the life and culture of the Yurok. 

  1. Requa Road: Where River Meets Ocean

Are you the “wait, I need one more picture” friend in your group? Then do we have a treat for you. The journey along Requa Road is a mesmerizing experience and provides a jaw-dropping outlook where the Klamath River meets the Pacific Ocean. This route, branching off from Highway 101, has a stunning display of the community of Klamath and its scenic marvels.

The Requa Outlook in Yurok Country
Photo by Laney Mayo Photography

  1. Bald Hills Road: Into the Wilds

From ancient redwoods, to open prairies dotted with wildflowers, Bald Hills Road is a must for nature lovers. The springtime bloom, sightings of Roosevelt elk, and the occasional black bear make for million-dollar views. Bald Hills Road also has trail access to Lady Bird Johnson Grove and Tall Trees Grove

  1. Highway 169: A Riverside Drive

Follow the Klamath River on Highway 169, a route that feels like a gentle meander through the heart of Yurok Country. This 20-mile stretch offers not only stunning views, but also a quiet moment to appreciate the beauty and history of Northern California.

  1. Highway 96: A Journey of Heritage

Highway 96 is a hidden gem of a road trip, weaving along the Trinity River through the heart of Yurok Country. Starting off in the cozy town of Willow Creek, the drive is a laid-back adventure through lush scenery. If you have the time, The Hoopa Tribal Museum, located off of Highway 96, is a worthwhile pitstop.It exhibits a range of artifacts from the Hupa, Yurok, and Karuk tribes, including basketry, ceremonial regalia, and traditional tools.

As we wrap up this scenic trip through Yurok Country just remember: the journey continues. Each byway offers a living story, inviting you to explore, connect, and discover.

A tourist is cleaning their windshield at the Pem Mey Fuel Mart in Klamath, California.
Photo by Laney Mayo Photography


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