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  • Megan Lynch

The Photographer's Guide to Winter in Yurok Country

February brings a special quality of light and landscape to Yurok Country. Late Winter is an ideal time for photography enthusiasts to capture its unique beauty. 

This photographer's guide is designed to lead you through the most photogenic winter spots across Yurok Country, from misty mornings by the Klamath River to the dramatic, stormy Pacific coastline. Whether you're behind a DSLR or a smartphone, Yurok Country's winter scenery will not disappoint.

Photography Winter Tips:

  • Always keep extra batteries warm and close to your body; they drain faster in cold conditions.

  • Protect your gear from moisture when moving between the cold outdoors and warm indoors.

  • Use lens hoods to prevent rain or snow from hitting your lens and potentially ruining that perfect shot.

1. Klamath River at Dawn: The Klamath River offers serene beauty, especially at dawn when the mist hovers above the water. 

Overlooking the Klamath River, the view is partially framed by branches and leaves in the foreground. A bridge spans the river in the middle ground, and beyond it, layers of forested hills rise into a sky filled with low-lying clouds, conveying a sense of peacefulness and the vastness of nature.
Photo by Laney Mayo Photography

Tip: Use a tripod and a slow shutter speed to capture the smooth flow of water and mist, creating an ethereal quality to your images.

2. Redwoods in the Fog: There's nothing quite like the sight of ancient redwoods shrouded in fog. The best shots often come from capturing the tops of trees as they disappear into the fog.

A serene view of the towering Redwood trees shrouded in mist in Yurok Country. The foreground features lush greenery with various shades of leafy trees, and the mist creates a mystical atmosphere as it settles among the treetops.
Photo by Laney Mayo Photography

Tip: A wide aperture can help isolate subjects for a dramatic effect.

3. Coastal Storm Watching: Winter storms bring dramatic skies and turbulent seas to Yurok Country's coastline.

A tranquil beach scene in Yurok Country with a sweeping curve of shoreline. The beach is dotted with rocks and driftwood, bordered by a dense forested hillside. The overcast sky gives a calm, subdued lighting to the scene, with distant rocks peeking out of the gentle surf.
Photo by Laney Mayo Photography

Tip: Fast shutter speeds will freeze the action of the waves, while longer exposures can capture the movement and power of the sea.

Safety Tip: Always keep a safe distance from the surf and be aware of your surroundings.

4. Wildlife in Winter: The bald eagles, migrating whales, and other winter wildlife offer compelling subjects. Locations along the river or coastal viewpoints provide the perfect setting for these shots.

A serene section of the Klamath River, with gentle waters flowing in the foreground. A lone bird rests on a rock in the middle of the river. Lush greenery lines the riverbank against a backdrop of densely forested hills, conveying a sense of tranquility and natural beauty.
Photo by Laney Mayo Photography

Tip: Patience is key. Use a telephoto lens to capture close-ups from a respectful distance, and always prioritize the well-being of the wildlife over getting the perfect shot.

Photographing Yurok Country in winter is about capturing the quiet, the majestic, and the timeless. With these spots, tips, and your smartphone or camera in hand, you're all set to capture the winter magic of Yurok Country. 

We love seeing Yurok Country through your eyes and sharing in your adventures. As you capture the winter magic of our region, we invite you to share your images with us on Instagram. Tag @visityurokcountry in your photos for a chance to be featured on our page and inspire others with your stunning captures. 

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