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  • Megan Lynch

5 Things You Can Do to Support the Yurok Condor Restoration Program

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The California condor, or prey-go-neesh in Yurok, once soared over Yurok Ancestral Territory. The bird’s absence not only disrupted local ecosystems but also left a spiritual void in the Yurok Tribe's ceremonies and culture. Here's how you can play a part in its return:

1. Understand the Significance:

Recognize the importance of the California condor. Beyond its ecological role as a scavenger, the California condor holds deep spiritual significance for the Yurok Tribe and many indigenous cultures. The condor is a symbol of balance, spirituality, and the intricate web of life that binds us all. Its feathers and songs are an essential part of Yurok World Renewal ceremonies. By understanding the condor’s value, you can better advocate for its return.

2. Contribute Financially:

The journey to restore the condor is resource-intensive. Your tax-deductible donation can aid in various activities, from monitoring wild condor activity to treating injured birds. Every penny counts in ensuring these birds fly free once more. To donate and support the Yurok Condor Restoration Program, go to the

3. Educate and Advocate:

Raise awareness about the condor's role in our ecosystem. Share knowledge about their unique ability to neutralize harmful bacteria and toxins, and their significance in places where large scavengers have disappeared.

4. Support the Yurok Condor Restoration Program:

The collaboration between the Yurok Tribe, the National Park Service, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is a beacon of hope for the condor's return. By supporting their initiatives, attending their events, or even volunteering, you're directly contributing to the condor's reintroduction.

5. Promote a Condor-Friendly Environment:

Small debris, such as shattered glass, metal clips, bottle tops, and bullet shells, can be consumed by condors. This debris is often termed “microtrash.”

Condors often eat microtrash, which they can't process. Mature condors might even feed it to their young or build nests with it. Consuming these items can cause digestive blockages, internal damage, and can be fatal for the condors. Ensure your activities are conducive to the condor's survival. This can range from responsible waste disposal in condor habitats to supporting policies that protect these majestic birds.

With collective effort, the skies of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest can once again witness the majestic flight of the California condor. Join the Yurok Tribe in this journey to restore balance, renew spiritual connections, and ensure a brighter future for the condor.

Yurok Country landscape

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