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  • Megan Lynch

Yurok Tribe and Nation of Hawai'i sign historic Peace and Friendship Treaty

In an inspiring display of unity, the Yurok Tribe has joined forces with the Nation of Hawai’i, marking a historic moment with the ratification of a Peace and Friendship Treaty. This powerful alliance promises a future of prosperity, cultural exchange, and environmental stewardship for both communities.

A Shared Vision for the Future: The Yurok-Hawai'i Treaty

Leaders from both nations, including Joe James of the Yurok Tribe and Pu’uhonua D.B.K. Kanahele of the Nation of Hawai’i, have come together to create a strategic plan in three key areas:

  • Economic Growth: Promoting trade, tourism, and investment to benefit both communities.

  • Cultural Exchange: Deepening mutual understanding and appreciation for both our culture’s unique heritage.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Collaboratively addressing climate change and preserving biodiversity.

As we stand united with the Nation of Hawai’i, we are poised to embrace the abundant opportunities and navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

We invite you to witness the powerful alliance formed by the Yurok-Hawai'i Treaty, as we look forward to a united and prosperous future.

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