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  • Megan Lynch

June 4th: Jet boat and canoe tours open for the summer season!

Yurok canoe guides preparing a traditional canoe for launch on the Klamath River in Yurok Country, surrounded by lush green hills and a vibrant landscape.

For much of the year, the Klamath River flows quietly, with the winter months dedicated to preparing for the influx of eager adventurers. While the river is always a majestic sight, it's during the summer months that it truly comes to life.

Klamath River Jet Boat Tours:

Take an exciting tour on the Klamath River for 45 miles of thrills, spins, beautiful views, and wildlife sightings. The tour takes you up-river for 22 miles, with experienced captains providing narration and stops for photography.

A group of people enjoying a thrilling jet boat tour on the Klamath River, with lush green forest in the background, in Yurok Country.

​The one-hour tour takes you on a scenic trip to Blue Creek. Learn about Yurok Culture and the Klamath River History. See bears, osprey, hawks, eagles, and if you're lucky—witness a seal catching its lunch!

A jet boat speeding down the Klamath River with passengers, surrounded by lush green forests and distant mountains in Yurok Country.

Yurok Dugout Canoe Tours:

Ride in one of the only three traditional dugout redwood canoes in the world that are open to the public. As these handcrafted vessels glide across the water’s surface, experienced river guides share their expertise on the wildlife, geography and history of the Klamath River.

A group of people enjoying a serene canoe tour on the Klamath River, guided by a Yurok canoeist, with lush green forests in the background in Yurok Country.

Book a tour online at

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